Where Is The Cast Of Jackass Now?

Where Is The Cast Of Jackass Now?

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MTV’s Jackass was a cultural phenomenon. Series
stars Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, and Steve-O became insanely famous for doing ridiculous,
dangerous, ridiculously dangerous, and downright disgusting stunts. Therein lies the brilliance
of the Jackass concept. A bunch of young and mostly good-looking guys were risking their
lives, courting grave bodily harm, and tempting fate, all for laughs and to see how far they
could push themselves without sustaining too many injuries. So where are they now? Have
they grown up at all? Let’s check in on key cast members. Johnny Knoxville The classically handsome Knoxville, who broke
his urethra and was required to use a catheter after imitating the famed stunt cyclist Evil
Knievel, has pretty much left the daredevil game behind. Now he’s acting—and we’re not
talking about bit parts, either. After starring in movies like The Ringer and The Dukes of
Hazzard, he hit new Hollywood heights with 2013’s hilariously lowbrow Bad Grandpa, which
tallied $150 million in worldwide box office receipts, according to Box Office Mojo. Unbelievably,
Bad Grandpa even earned an Oscar nomination, nabbing a nod in the Best Makeup and Hairstyling
category. It didn’t win, but the recognition was certainly impressive. Next up for Knoxville?
He continues to lend his voice to the character of Leonardo in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
reboot films by Michael Bay. Steve-O Arguably the wildest dude in the Jackass crew—which
is really saying something—Steve-O generated plenty of headlines in 2015 for protesting
SeaWorld and its treatment of whales. According to The Mirror, Steve-O climbed a crane, reaching
a height of 100 feet while rocking an inflatable orca inscribed with the phrase “SeaWorld Sucks,”
and lit off a bunch of fireworks. He was ultimately arrested for his antics, but only served eight
hours in jail for his stunts, despite being sentenced to 30 days, according to ET. But
Steve-O is also branching out into movies, appearing as Pedro in the Hailee Steinfeld
film Barely Lethal. Even more impressive, he’s spent the years since the end of Jackass
honing his chops as a stand-up comedian, and starred in his own Showtime special called
Guilty as Charged, performing a mixture of his comedy act as well as stunts and tricks. Bam Margera Sadly, Bam isn’t faring as well as Knoxville
and Steve-O. Margera, who is wed to his second wife Nicole, is battling alcohol addiction
and some other demons. The visibly heavier Margera started appearing on VH1’s Family
Therapy With Dr Jenn in 2016. On an episode that aired earlier that year, Margera and
his mother April recounted a particularly dark period during Christmas two years earlier.
She revealed that her son was suicidal. In a drunken rage, he told her he was going to
die. The reality star admitted that material things like cars don’t matter to him and that
he doesn’t even want to stay in touch with old friends. On the bright side, Margera is also doing
custom artwork, which is viewable on his Bam Margera Art site. He also fronted a band,
and has been working on a documentary about his life. Hopefully he’ll be able to turn
things around soon. Ryan Dunn Bam Margera’s bearded BFF tragically died
in June 2011, just days after his 34th birthday, perishing in a car accident in Pennsylvania.
According to CNN, Dunn was driving while intoxicated at a speed of 140 miles per hour when he crashed
his Porsche, which caught fire. His passenger, production assistant Zachary Hartwell, was
also killed in the wreck. Dunn’s death left a gaping hole in the hearts of his castmates,
who reunited to memorialize him and to celebrate his life in an hourlong tribute special that
aired on MTV. It was clear from the clips and the interview segments how much his friends
and co-stars loved his sweet, goofy personality. He’ll be missed. Wee-Man Professional skater Wee-Man—that’s Jason
Acuna on his birth certificate—capitalized on his Jackass fame by launching Nullity Skateboards.
Wee-Man also starred in the reality shows Armed & Famous and Celebrity Circus. He continues
to act, having starred as the lead in Elf-Man, a direct-to-video holiday family comedy. A
fan tweeted at Wee-Man in early 2016, asking if he would ever consider doing stand-up so
he could share his “insane stories.” He said he’d leave the stand-up to Steve-O and keep
skateboarding. Wee-Man also owns a Chronic Tacos franchise in California, according to
the company’s official bio. Acting, skateboarding, and tacos…sounds like Wee-Man is living
larger than the rest of us. Chris Pontius Chris Pontius still hangs out with his Jackass
and Wildboyz co-star Steve-O quite a bit. The pair recently participated in a unique
social media promotional campaign for the political thriller London Has Fallen, starring
Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler. Pontius hyped the campaign all over his Instagram feed,
rocking faux fatigues and everything. He seems to be enjoying a more relaxing post-Jackass
career than some of his former co-stars, although he’s also popped up on the Fox comedy Raising
Hope and starred in a 2014 episode of Loiter Squad, the sketch comedy show led by rappers
Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Creator. Jeff Tremaine After rising to fame as a director and co-creator
of Jackass, Jeff Tremaine seemed to be headed for a career in “extreme” reality TV—a few
of his subsequent credits include the shows Wildboyz and Nitro Circus. But after directing
all of the Jackass movies, including Johnny Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa, Tremaine started
branching out into other types of filmmaking. Aside from helming a pair of 30 for 30 films
for ESPN, he’s also spent the past several years seeing the Mötley Crüe biopic The
Dirt through development. Preston Lacy For a guy whose most memorable Jackass appearances
included him running down the street in his underwear or destroying furniture after finding
puke in his hat, Preston Lacy is a surprisingly diverse talent. He’s kept busy over the last
decade in a variety of ways, writing the 2006 National Lampoon feature TV: The Movie and
The Life of Lucky Cucumber while booking onscreen appearances in films such as Pledge This!
and Christmas in Wonderland. Lacy branched out into voicework in 2015, playing the role
of Rusty in the dog-themed Christmas film Up on the Wooftop. Yes, that’s really what
the movie’s called. Dave England If there was a Jackass stunt that called for
poop somehow being involved, Dave England was the guy who most often got the call. Although
England doesn’t have the highest public profile these days, he’s stayed busy with a variety
of projects, including participating in WWE Swerved. He landed a role in the 2016 film
The Bet, and also appeared in Natural Born Pranksters, the full-length feature released
by Jackass-inspired YouTube stars Roman Atwood, Vitaly Z, and Dennis Roady. Clearly England’s
post-Jackass career hasn’t gone into the toilet. Ehren McGhehey The cast member most likely to lose a tooth
while filming a stunt, “Danger” Ehren McGhehey has often been seen in recent years on the
TV sketch comedy series Portlandia, where he’s popped up in a series of cameo appearances.
But he’s been busy behind the cameras, too: in 2014, McGhehey executive-produced and starred
in the action-comedy-horror feature All Hell Breaks Loose, about a newlywed who’s repeatedly
resurrected by God in order to rescue his bride from the biker gang that murdered him.
In addition to all that, McGhehey also works as a professional photographer. Brandon DiCamillo While a surprising number of Jackass veterans
have managed to carve out busy careers in Hollywood, Brandon DiCamillo went in the opposite
direction. In a 2002 interview with the Village Voice, he admitted he didn’t have much patience
for the level of corporate interference that went along with working on a TV and movie
franchise, and he’s kept a pretty low profile since Jackass: The Movie. DiCamillo worked
with his buddy Bam on a number of projects, including the low-budget films Haggard and
Minghags, and can be seen in stuff like The Vampires of Zanzibar and the short Borrowed
Happiness. For the most part, however, he seems content to stay out of the limelight—in
fact, as of this video, he hasn’t even updated his social media accounts in about a year.
DiCamillo’s biggest post-Jackass claim to fame might be breaking the world record for
points scored in the game Mortal Kombat, which he set with a score of 10,226,500 in 2008—and
lost the record the following year, when Twin Galaxies recorded another player hitting 24,821,500. Phil and April Margera Years after reluctantly laughing at their
torment, we’re pleased to report that Phil and April Margera, Bam’s sweet and remarkably
patient parents, seem to have led a fairly blissful post-Jackass life. Phil put in an
appearance on Celebrity Fit Club 2, dropping an impressive 41 pounds, all in an effort
to be a better grandfather. April, who’s so good-natured that it took an alligator in
her kitchen to make her lose her composure, opened a Pennsylvania boutique called the
Rose Hip Barn—and, of course, published a cookbook titled There’s an Alligator in
My Kitchen. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade… Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel to see more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us
know what you’d do if you found an alligator in your kitchen…


  1. half of the videos in the beginning are ryan dunn and they say he wasnt as famous as stevio johnny and bam he mad jackass famous

  2. I'd love to see another jackass. But I love seeing the guys healthy more… jackass was amazing. But when you watch them over again with the realize that almost everything they did was under the influence kinda sucks but still makes you laugh hard. Love seeing them healthy more than anything.

  3. I didn't like these shows much as a kid, in a weird way part of it was because I didn't want to end up like these guys. I didn't understand the humor because I felt bad for them – ie. why would they do this to themselves vs. oh thats so funny. It is good to see most of them have turned their lives around though, and Bam is doing better too since this video has come out.

  4. was weird when bam started talking like johnny. loved when they did the run thru tasers. lol. and when they locked bam in with a snake

  5. Ryan Dunn's Death is one of the reasons why there is no Jackass 4. Knoxville said that he is still trying to bring them for a new Jackass together.

  6. Fucken dope seeing Bam now compared to back then, good on ya dude. And i remember when Chronic Tacos opened in Vancouver, Canada he came to the grand opening good shit lil man, dope fish tacos.

  7. Johnny Knoxville and Wee Man seem to be doing the best for themselves. You can tell throughout all the Jackass movies that they were the most sober ones. Everyone else dealt with some sort of addiction or depression. Those two seemed generally happy the whole time. Good for them, prayers up to everyone else on the cast that brought so many laughs.

  8. I hope the crew reads this message,
    Main reason I loved the show was for the creativity, the laugh's, the endless road trip vibe,
    And the fact that there must of been for more painful thing's to the crew than a broken bone, sharp poke, or even eating something grossly off,

    We all have a sob story after all mine would definitely make it all worth it for a show like jackass to preform on

  9. After Ryan's death bam went down hill quickly glad he's doing better now i wish him all the best. But what about rake and novak?

  10. They skipped a huge part of Steve-O where he was seriously addicted to all kinds of drugs. He was doing really bad for a while.

  11. WOW what's up with the Masonic triangle…oh demons, I forgot. Steve-o is part of the Rothschild family..demons.

  12. there was one other dude that became steve-o buddy …..but you have not memtioned him….he use to run around half naked on the streets hunching people….crazy dude

  13. Wish Brandon DiCamillo did more… always thought he was one of the funniest guys in the crew.. His bits in CKY and Haggard were always my favorites. Ryan Dunn once called Brandon brilliant and said Brandon was funnier than anyone he knew. Too bad we probably won't ever get to see more of what the man was capable of.

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  16. Yes sad he died although old enough to know better and to put some one elses life in danger is so selfish. Famous or not

  17. I'm starting to see a trend here. No matter what your background is, you can always find money in Christmas specials.

  18. Bam, you are an insanely dumb, ballsy, and real role model to my generation (yes, I realize how that sounds) brother. Like Steve-O, and yourself I to struggle with addiction. You're a world famous, crazy talented skater with nuts the size of basketball's. The world has seen you fall and get back after things that would kill or permanently injure most anybody else. Don't lose sight of what's most important to you. You and Steve-O are a legit inspiration to me, and Soo many more that have had to brave struggles that, at the time seemed impossible. Thanks to my facing my demons I've been clean from heroin and opiates for almost 4yrs. Tales like yours can be a very powerful and life saving Force to those in need, and you've proven you CAN and WILL always get back up. Much love brother, and thank you for a little hope when all seemed lost. Serenity and courage are there for us, even if we don't always see it.

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