Why Clowns Aren’t Scary

Why Clowns Aren’t Scary

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(melodic haunting music) What the hell? (child laughing) (melodic haunting music) (screeching suspenseful music) Oh! Well, hello there, Davis. Oh, geez, Pennywise, it’s just you. You scared me half to death. Hm, your fear makes you
taste all the sweeter. Yeah, you can cut the whole
weird, creepy clown thing, it’s not gonna work on me. Oh, everyone is afraid
of something, Davis, it’s all just a matter of
finding out what makes you tick. Oh, I definitely have plenty of fears, I just also have a ton of anxiety, so there’s nothing you could
take the physical form of, that would be nearly as frightening as the deep seated
insecurities my brain conjures almost every moment of
my waking existence. Ugh, millennials, what
is it with you guys? Oh, you know, just
crippling student debt, a lack of insurance and job opportunities, general feeling of helplessness
about the state of the world and the slow realization
that your life is meaningless and we all die alone, you
know, normal millennial stuff. Okay, I’m not gonna touch that, I’ll just see myself out. Oh, wait, before you
go, do you mind if I ask what’s with the whole clown motif? Like you can shape shift
into anything you want, why do you always come back to the clown? That’s because clowns are the scariest, most frightening creatures
in the entire universe. Maybe to a person that
lived in like the ’30s, but I hate to break it to you, man, clowns just aren’t that scary anymore. What, that’s not true,
clowns are super scary. The scariest thing about a clown is that given all the limitless
possibilities in life, a person would choose to be a clown and really that’s sadder than it is scary. Uh, if clowns aren’t scary,
then how come you screamed like a frightened child just a second ago? ‘Cause you appeared out of nowhere in the middle of my
house and jump scared me, you could’ve been literally anything else and I would’ve had the same reaction, just last week I got scared by my own reflection in the mirror, because I turned around too quickly. I almost pooed myself. Yeah, but you see, as a clown, I take something fun that is
used to entertain children and then I turn it on its head, you see, it’s like a metaphor
for the corruption of youth and the loss of innocence,
it’s pretty heavy stuff. Yeah, except smartphones
have ruined that forever. I mean, kids these days
know how to use a smartphone before they’re out of diapers, they’ve seen every crazy, weird ass thing the internet has to offer
before they’ve even hit puberty, they’re so desensitized, there’s
no innocence left to lose. Uh, well if clowns are so not scary, then what about the Joker, hm? He dresses like a clown and
everyone is afraid of him, so. Everyone’s afraid of the Joker, because he’s an anarchist
and a mass murderer, he’ll smile and crack a
joke at you one second, then stab you in the back the next. The clown motif definitely adds
to his overall creepy vibe, I’ll give you that, but
he uses it more as a way to keep all of his schemes and antics under one consistent theme, which is something you
could learn from by the way. Uhhh, what is that supposed to mean? It just feels like you’ve got a lot of different stuff going on, like sometimes you’re just a scary clown and then other times you
shape shift into other stuff based on people’s individual fears and like sometimes you
eat kids right away, other times it seems like you let ’em go and also you can mind control bullies, it’s a lot of conflicting ideas all happening at the same time. Have you ever tried, I don’t know, like streamlining everything? How do you mean? Well, aren’t you actually like a giant spider or something? That’s a bit of an oversimplification, like my true form actually resides in an interdimensional realm, the giant spider form is
just the closest thing that the human mind can comprehend. Well (bleep), dude, spiders
are (bleep) horrifying! Instead of overthinking
it like you have been, why don’t you ditch
all that other nonsense and just be a creepy ass alien spider? Well, I kind of tried
it once in the early ’90s and people weren’t into it. So what, you didn’t
nail it your first try, you think we nailed it our first time? Hell, no, I mean, we’ve done
hundreds of these videos and I’m still not even
sure we’re nailing it now. Bri, what do you think? I think we do a pretty good job. The point is you can’t just give up, because it doesn’t work
perfectly the first time, you’ve got to keep at it.
(light melodic music) Only after you’ve allowed yourself to fail can you ever truly pave
the way to success. Huh, that’s nice, you read that on a bumper
sticker or something? I literally just made it up right now. Huh, well, you’ve certainly
given me a lot to think about. You know, it kind of gets lonely down there all by myself in the sewer and I don’t really have anyone
to bounce ideas off of, so thank you. Don’t mention it, now get out of here and go be the scariest, incomprehensible, inter dimensional alien
spider thing you can be. I will! (uplifting melodic music) Oh, Davis, I’m still gonna kill you some day. I bet you will, buddy, I bet you will. Bye now. Ah! [TV Reporter] Breaking
news coming out of downtown, we’re getting numerous reports
of a giant ass alien spider running around terrorizing people. [Bill] Oh golly, I sure hope it isn’t a
cheap-looking stop motion spider like something out of a ’90’s
TV miniseries or something. [TV Reporter] No Bill, eyewitnesses say, it’s actually a really
nice looking CG spider, clearly had a big budget behind it. Dozens have already been
killed and experts say the death toll will keep
rising through the evening. (people screaming)
I feel oddly, proud Hmm (guns firing) Hey friends, Davis from
the Warp Zone here, thank you so much for watching, if you wanna see another fun video, click that box right there, also we have a Patreon now, so if you guys wanna join
our fun, little community, we’d really appreciate it and you can do so by clicking
that guy right there. Anyways I’m going to leave now. (cheerful upbeat music)


  1. I never found Clowns scary i like Clowns
    The old Peniwise looks better then this new one
    He should have taken on the form of The Joker

  2. While living in a town where you can honestly be a victim of urban violence anywhere and at anytime, it’s hard to be scared of supernatural things

  3. mmm kind of feel like both stop motion and CG spider in both versions were bad mostly cause stephen king wrote IT and his other books while high off his ass for the most part so hard to say what king was actually talking about. maybe one day an artist will make the design that actually feels like a terrifying spider monster alien but yeah both the mini series and 2019 movie kind of feel stupid with their approaches in what the hell King was talking about with the "true" form.

  4. I think the scariest part of clowns isn't what you see, but that they approach you with a friendly smile. More friendly than any genuinely friendly person ever would and thereby revealing it's sinister intentions. You can predict that they have malevolence greater than most because they're attempting to hide it rather than deny that it exists like everyone else. This causes us to immediately distrust clowns but all our instincts, if they do a good job at being clowns, suggests that they're completely benign and allows them to sneak closer than we'd normally allow most threats.
    As a saying goes; Only a friend can betray you.
    Clowns on the other hand can betray you without ever being your friend.

  5. It isn't up to you to decide what is scary. Sadistic Glee and mania are real mental illnesses that manifest in insane cackling laughter. It is a sign of mental instability and homicidal tendencies. Not even up for debate.

  6. I think Pennywise knew that clowns weren't scary. In fact, I think the reason he was a clown was that he knew kids liked them, so he could lure them in more effectively.

  7. Curious since I haven’t seen any of the IT movies, can you pretend you are afraid of said item or person and completely destroy pennywise after?

  8. Me : (Helping my friend with a Math question)
    Teacher: Mhm how do feel now knowing that you'r friend can't do anything in his life and he is useless
    Me at 6:08

  9. "Clowns are the scariest, most frightening creatures in the entire universe"

    Yeah, except that's only in one case: Space Station 13

  10. Did this guy just say clowns are not scary, well how about you become the batman and fight him every day, or how about you go back to 2017 as a kid and start get killed by them, what the hell.

  11. Pennywise: Because clowns are the scariest creature ever
    When you a guy who read the book: He actually transforms to a clown cuz it lures the children
    Btw no hate

  12. The premise for this video is the actual reason in the book that Pennywise prefers taking children as prey.

  13. He chooses to take the form of a clown because the fear of clowns is one of the most common phobias in the US, in a surgery done in 2016 42% of people admitted to being scared of clowns, that was more than the people who were scared of climate change

  14. Bravo guys, I had not laughed like that in quite a while. When you listed Millennial fears I had to pause the video and rewind twice. So so good, great job.

  15. Only about decade left before people can’t just say “the 30s” and simply mean the 1930s instead of the 2030s

  16. Finally! Someone else agrees that clowns aren't scary. Clowns are dumb you mise we'll be killed by a toothbrush.

  17. The only reason people got a bit scared of clowns is in 2016 killer clowns were poped out of nowhere during October

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