Will This Spooky Haunted House Make the D-Line Scream? | Seattle Seahawks

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I don’t know what that is. What is it? It’s a body. Go, go! *Screams* How you go? *Screams* *Chainsaw* You’re on Oh its recording? Yep And we back. Yep it’s the JReed GoPro live in effect. Live for the 12s. You know what I’m saying. You saying there was a body? So you saying there was a body in the morgue? And it disappeared They never found it? They never found it It was a man and a wife who owned this place And the smoke stacks that burned the bodies collapsed. Yah… It fell on him and he died This is like before? While… Yah this is real life. Wait time out. Time out See, I ain’t trying to have no spirits come back to my crib. My crib big zen right now. Big cool I’m going to have to get some incense. Hey real talk, isn’t your heart starting to pound yet? Hey rookies got go first. No, no no, cause Christmas has the camera He’s holding his so he has to go first. You all go first, you all go first, you all go first. Hold up, hold up. We’re going to bring you right in the back way. Alright, come on. *Buzzer sound* Oh shit Go! *Screaming* Do it for the squad! *Screaming* *Screaming* You know they got Robitussin for that. They got that Robitussin *Screaming* Go go go! OH! *Screaming* Woah! *Screaming* Rasheem! *Spooky music* *Screaming* OHHHHH! *Screaming* *Screaming* Poona hasn’t said nothing since we walked in the building We are almost here come on! That dudes got to go! OHHHH!!! Aw hell! *Screaming* Christmas go! Get in here! It does what it’s told. It rubs the lotion on the skin. *Screaming* *Chainsaw* OHHHHH!!!! Aw hell no! Aw hell no! Oh my God
Oh The chainsaw oh my God!

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