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– [Bailey] Are you ready? – Yes. – [Bailey] Are you ready? (spooky music) – [Both] Hey guys, it’s
Brooklyn and Bailey. – And welcome back to our channel. Today’s video is going to
be about us experiencing – [Both] Halloween – Preparation in college. – [Brooklyn] Oh yeah. – [Bailey] So we went to a pumpkin patch, a haunted house. We went and shopped for all the decorations to decorate our whole dorm. It’s adorable. – [Brooklyn] It is adorable. – But before we get on to
the video we actually have Halloween scrunchie sets selling right now so you should go check those
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or the information button right over here. Now let’s get on to the video. Hello people. So today we are going… kind of like a Halloween prep. We’re going shopping for our… – It’s like fall prep. – Yeah, for our dorm decor for Halloween. And also for… roommate costumes! We all wanna match. And since we did a Halloween
costume video the other day, we all decided, hmmm, we’re gonna be chocolate kisses. So we gotta find these
chicas some silver dresses. – Or we might just like find a bunch of different silver outfits. – And kinda, like, mix and match, but we’ll all look like
cute chocolate kisses kinda thing. It’s gonna be so much fun. So that’s the adventure
we’re embarking on today. We’ll update y’all. – [Bailey] We found this for our door. Trick or treat. So cute. (gasps) Get those spiders. – Wait. Wait, watch them jingle. – [Bailey] I’m dead. Oh my god. – Those are so cute! – Oh my gosh. Precious – I love that. – [Bailey] And then caution tape. We are ready for Halloween. – I’m so ready for Halloween. – [Bailey] We should get a giant one. But should we get stuff
that we actually like, ’cause then we’ll eat it? – [Emily] No. – [Bailey] Or should we just get stuff we don’t like
so we don’t eat it? – You’re right, freshman
15 is a real thing. – But I also wanna eat the candy, too. – [Brooklyn] I also
wanna eat the candy, too. – I nominate getting candy that we eat. – [Brooklyn] What if we
get one that we don’t like and one that we do? – That’s fair. – That’s fair. – Yeah, we can just give out the one that we don’t like. – [Bailey] Let’s do that. – Freshman 15 is so real. – [Bailey] For us… Candy for the kids. There’s a difference in quality. – A very big difference. – So we went to the front and like went through the dollar stuff. Found a bunch of really cute decorations. And then we came back here. And there’s a bunch of
like spooky decorations. And so now we’re like
do we get spooky ones, or do we get the cute ones? We can’t decide. Somebody show me what this is
and what we’re doing with it. – There’s a button. Wait here it is. – What this man is for. This. – [Bailey] Awkward prom pictures. – [Brooklyn] Look at that cart full. – [Bailey] Time to go try on
tons of Halloween costumes. And then we’re going to
go decorate the dorm. Yeah! We’re back here trying to
find chocolate kiss costumes, instead, we have a… What is… A cactus? A pineapple? (laughs) Oh my. Oh my. – And an avocado. – [Bailey] Oh my. Oh my. I was like “What is this one?”. It’s a sushi roll. This boy is a sushi roll. – K we’re on the hunt for… – [Bailey] Silver dress
costumes for our kisses. Oh. Yes! Perfect! – That was fast! (laughs) – Oh we can keep looking, make
sure there is nothing better. But these are good options. – Okay so we didn’t
absolutely love the things that we found at Spirit
Halloween for the metallic outfits for the kisses. So we’re off to the mall to
see if we can find anything metallic at Forever21. – Something better, yeah. – Who knew that finding metallic, like silver dresses and/or skirts – There’s a hole in the market. – Would be really hard. – So if someone wants
to like jump on that. Be an entrepreneur. – And it’s like, it’s either like dance wear
where it’s super expensive, and a lot of it’s leotards. Or like… nothing. Pretty much. So we’re gonna go search the mall and see if we can find anything. This is impossible. – It’s impossible. – We’ve been through
every store in this mall. – Nothing has metallic nothing. – So we’re about to go look at Forever 21. So this store didn’t, this mall didn’t end up having Forever 21. So now we’re trying Forever 21. At a different mall. – Yeah we’re strugglin’. – We’re really struggling. We might have to shop online. See if we can find something there. Hopeless. No luck with the costumes
but we did find Dippin’ Dots. – [Brooklyn] Woo hoo! – [Bailey] So I think
that was a 10 out of 10. We’ll just order the costumes online. We’ll go home and order them online. – I guess. – [Bailey] That’s what the
world is coming to anyway. We can’t find anything but we found these. And that’s what makes this a good trip. The trip was worth it. (Emily mumbles) (laughs) Emily, she found the
perfect dance partner. Oh he lights up, he’s in love. (Halloween music) Here’s are first decoration. (witch cackles) (spooky music) Okay, so we’re about to show you our now decorated dorm. And it is adorable. So I’m gonna show you guys. This is our door. So cute. And then we walk in and we see this. So I’m walking in from the door. O.M.G. Enter if you dare. Now I pan over to the headstone. A bowl of candy… We put some like fence things on here, I don’t know if they look good. We tried. Caution tape… Black cobwebs… Then of course we can’t
forget our main table. Look at the table cloth. The cute pumpkins in there, candy, the headstone. Then of course, this tree which you can’t
see from far away but, there are little spiders in
these little jars with lights. And now I’ll pan over
to the table over here. Got pumpkins and black smokey stuff. And of course spiderwebs. Which are so cute! And then, this dude. Which we’re calling Emily… This is Emily’s mans. – [Emily] Mm hmm. – [Bailey] It’s just,
it’s just it’s amazing. It’s just a good thing happenin’ there. And then cobweb lights. And cobweb skeletons. Skeleton hands, caution tape… And that is how you decorate
a dorm room for Halloween. – So as part of our like
Halloween adventure, we are going to a haunted
house as per normal. I go to a haunted house
just about every year. And peep… (Bailey laughs) Bailey in the background. And so we are going to Cutting Edge. Which we found out is actually closer to– – Here in Waco. – Waco than it is… – In Dallas. – Yeah. Than it is in Dallas. So we’re gettin’ a nice like awesome time. We’re gonna road trip in– – It’s a good way to
prepare for Halloween. Because it’s a really
awesome haunted house. It’s like two hours long. And so it’s a good way to
just prepare us all for Halloween season. You know get spooked and scared… – There’s quite a few of us going. We have like a fun little group. And so, we’re really excited and we’ll
show you how the night goes. We made it to the haunted house. Are we ready to go in? – Mmm. I’m scared. – He’s scared. – Giant. (laughs) We’re all ready to go in. I’m excited. – [Male Friend] Parking was scary. – Yeah parking was
honestly the scariest part. Some of these people that we’re bringing, have not even been to
a haunted house before. Emily’s never been to a haunted house. – Nope. – So we’re taking these little greenies in for the first time. To a very intense, a very intense haunted house. So it’ll be super fun. – [Emily] Are you ready?! – Yes! – [Emily] Are you ready?! – [Brooklyn] Emily and I are practicing… Emily and I are practicing
how to take down zombies. And clowns. (laughter) – [Bailey] Wow… (spooky music) – It’s getting creepier and later. As we go. And I’m excited. I don’t know about the
rest of everyone else, but, we’ll see. We’re ready! We’re ready! This boy is scared as heck. – [Young Man] Eww. – She had a treat before we came in. We are ready to go. We’re going in right now. – Oh shit. – He goes “Oh shoot.”. (laughs) – I’m scared. (Bailey laughs) – [Bailey] There’s the candy. (spooky instrumental music) – We made it out of the haunted house! – Yeah! – Only two of us had panic attacks. (Emily laughs) The rest of us… (cheering) – Woo! And look at the foam pit back here. It was so much fun. We’re all foamy now. Yeah Emily almost freaked
out at the clowns. – No the chainsaw clown kept comin’ at me. And he like went… (chainsaw buzz) – Look at this man. (laughter) You look good! You look real good. We all survived and had tons of fun. Yeah! We are glamming up right now. We all got dressed all cute. We’re getting dressed all cute. I went and researched some pumpkin patches that we could go to. And lo and behold they’re
all closed due to bad weather yesterday where it just
rained a whole lot. So that was really disappointing. So we ended up finding one
that might possibly be open. So we’re gonna go see if it’s open. And if it’s open we’re going to take a bunch of cute pictures
and get some pumpkins. If it’s closed, we’re gonna try and get
cute pictures anyway, on the outside of the pumpkin patch. And if that doesn’t work, then we’re going to a
store and buy pumpkins. And then take pictures
with those pumpkins. And then carve them. So that’s a whole lot of
information all at once. But that’s what we’re going to try and do. So we’re gettin’ all glammed
up for the photos over here. These two match over here. And Brooklyn and I match so I’m wearing this color. And she’s wearing the same color. How do we have two of these? I don’t know. – [Both] We just do. – Just one of those things, you know? So yeah, that’s what
we’re doin’ right now. (upbeat electronic pop music) OMG, it was open. Bless, bless, bless… It’s Emily and a pumpkin! – [Friend] Dude… (laughs) – [Bailey] Look we got
our cameras ready to go. We’re excited. (upbeat pop music) This is called creative juices. This is what you gotta do… to get a good picture. Ready Em? – Yes – [Bailey] We got you. – Chin down a little bit. – [Bailey] She’s standing on a pumpkin. (Bailey chuckles) We’re using the patch… in the hay. See if we can get a picture. So you do when you pumpkin patch. It’s so cute though. Look at how cute it is! Ooo… Yes! Picking out a pumpkin! – It’s so perfect and tiny! – [Bailey] It’s perfect. – It’s so little. – [Brooklyn] It’s the cutest,
tiniest little thing ever! Oh my gosh! – Oh my god they’re so cute! – [Bailey] They’re so tiny! – [Brooklyn] They’re called weebies. – [Emily] Can I have them all? – [Bailey And Brooklyn]
Look at my perfect pumpkin. – [Bailey] Jen show us
your perfect pumpkin. – It’s so round and tiny! – Emily’s perfect pumpkin… – Yes. – Thank you guys so much
for watching that video. Hopefully you got to enjoy– – Yes! – Watching us enjoy a bunch of Halloween festivities. – Yes it’s so… We had literately so much fun. – Oh it was such a blast. And the haunted house and
everything was just… Ah! I love the Halloween season. – So do not forget to
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  1. Would you guys ever go in the world’s largest HAUNTED HOUSE?? Comment below! Don’t forget to grab our Halloween scrunchies before they sell out HERE ▶️ 💋's – Brooklyn

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  4. I only went in a HORROR ROOM in University of St. Lasalle Intergrated school in Philippines. The Horror Room theme is HAMOOK.

  5. Ive been to a haunted house but it was all props not people dressed in costumes and it wasnt even that long ha i was literally in there for like 3 minutes did jump a few times but would have been better if i was in there longer

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