Wrestlers Who Played Horror Movie Monsters

Wrestlers Who Played Horror Movie Monsters

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– [Zach] Wrestlers have
been described as monsters and some of them have
taken that literally. In the spirit of Halloween,
let’s look at several monsters of the ring who became monsters in movies. First up is “Santa’s Slay.” In this movie, Goldberg
plays the role of Santa Claus but he’s not your typical
holly, jolly St. Nick. It’s explained that Santa Claus is actually the son of Satan and after being forced to deliver gifts and be an all-around good
guy for a 1000 years, he’s finally able to return
and start killing people. Goldberg’s character is
insane in this movie. First off, he makes his
entrance in the film by busting through a brick
chimney, that’s awesome. On top of that, he rides around in a slay that’s being pulled by a bison and since he’s an evil Santa
Claus, his presents explode. Nobody’s safe in this movie, wherever Goldberg Claus goes he just destroys everyone. Beyond just seeing an
awesome wrestler on-screen, Goldberg does perform
a few wrestling moves. First, when Santa breaks into a deli, he performs a spear
through a glass display and rams the store owner into the wall. Goldberg also attacks a
group of Christmas carolers and performs a Gorilla
Press Slam on one of them. Once Christmas is over,
Goldberg’s character loses his powers, so he boards a plane and heads to the North Pole. It’s honestly kind of a fun movie and Goldberg does a great job playing a dark, serial killing Santa. Plus, the post-credits ending
is just the cherry on top. – Who’s next. – [Zach] This next wrestler,
in theory, is cast perfectly. In 2014’s “Leprechaun: Origins,” Hornswoggle plays, well, the Leprechaun. Four American tourists
visit an Irish countryside when one night, they’re
attacked by a monster. The monster beats up them up
but they do manage to escape. The group finds out that
the creature that attacked was a Leprechaun and
that the local villagers sacrifice tourists to it. Now that sounds awesome,
Hornswoggle as an evil, monster Leprechaun, but just look at him, you can’t even tell that’s Hornswoggle. Beyond that, if you saw this monster would you say, oh yeah,
that’s clearly a Leprechaun. No, he looks more like
or goblin or something. What’s sad, is this is what
the Leprechaun looked like in the first movie from 1993. Imagine how awesome it
would be to see Hornswoggle dressed as something like that. Back to the movie, the
Leprechaun starts killing off the tourists one by one, but it’s ultimately his lust
for gold that’s his undoing. The last character alive
distracts the Leprechaun by throwing some gold coins in the air and delivering the finishing blow. This one isn’t that great
for a number of reasons so let’s just move on. This next film features a
wrestler born to play a horror movie monster as Kane takes on
the role of Jacob Goodnight. The set up involves a group
of juvenile delinquents tasked with going to an abandoned
hotel and cleaning it up so it can be turned
into a homeless shelter. During the night, two of
the teens start exploring the building until they get separated and Kane’s character appears. His primary weapon is a hook on a chain, which he uses to drag his
first victim into an elevator. He eventually starts using an axe too but I think the hook is more unique. One cool detail is that typically before Jacob Goodnight appears, you’ll hear and see some
flies buzzing around as a sign that he’s nearby. Jacob kills most of his victims right away but there’s a couple he holds captive. The Big Red Machine also has a
sense of humor in this movie. One of the girls is trying to escape by being lowered out of a window but Kane grabs ahold of the rope and starts pulling her back up. When she starts yelling to let her go he smiles and does that just that, causing her to fall to her death. They’re finally able
to kill Jacob Goodnight after pushing him out
of a window, or do they? In the sequel, “See No Evil
2” Jacob’s body is taken to a morgue where it turns
out he’s still alive. Just like Kane did in real life, Jacob Goodnight puts on a mask and starts going on a killing
spree across the building. He even brings out the
hook and chain again. This time, they finish Jacob
off by stabbing him with a tube and pumping a bunch of
embalming chemicals into him. However, that’s still not
enough to take the man down. At the very end, the last
guy is trying to leave only to realize Jacob
Goodnight followed him and then gets immediately killed. Kane’s character isn’t
my favorite movie monster but it is cool that we got to
see him play a horror villain. Technically this wrestler
played a horror movie monster but, well you’ll see. In “Freddy vs. Jason” the
two horror movie icons square off in the dream world. At one point, Jason throws
Freddy across the room and for a split moment Rey Mysterio is the one underneath that brown hat. Yeah, the Master of the 619, technically played Freddy Krueger. It’s pretty short and we
don’t even see Mysterio’s face but it is still cool
that he got to take on the role of a huge horror movie icon. We find another wrestler
scaring moviegoers in the 2007 remake of “Halloween.” The star of the movie, Michael Myers, is played by Tyler Mane. You may remember him from the Wrestlers in Marvel Movies video I did where he played Sabertooth in “X-Men.” In case you need a refresher, Tyler Mane wrestled as Big Sky in WCW where he formed a tag
team with Kevin Nash. Returning to “Halloween”,
Mane as Michael Myers breaks out of the sanitarium
he’s been locked in, grabs his iconic mask, and starts terrorizing the neighborhood. The victims try to fight back
but Myers is pretty durable. In fact, he gets shot
three times in the back and he’s still not dead. Finally, a gunshot to
the head seems to do it. But in the sequel, “Halloween II”, we find out that he survives the bullet. Michael Myers and Jacob Goodnight must see the same health coach. Let me know which monster
you thought was the best. To keep the party going,
check out this video that looks at the wrestlers who appeared in the world of “Sharknado.” I’m Zach from Tap Out
Corner and take it easy.


  1. I met the guy that did the stunts for Freddy in Freddy vs Jason, not mysterio a different guy but it was still cool

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