XX Official Trailer (2017) All-Female Horror Anthology Movie HD

XX Official Trailer (2017) All-Female Horror Anthology Movie HD

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What’s in the box? Present can I see? danny stop being so nosy. it’s okay i don’t think anyone has been up here in a really long time. maybe it’s cursed your son tore my daughter’s fingernails off you’re not going to punish him? listen you gotta eat something. it’s been three days buddy. i’m not hungry something’s happening to andy. something just terrible you’re not getting up from this table until you eat that pizza. do you understand me? JUST do it if you don’t eat eventually you’ll die. so?


  1. Wow, hopefully it's a little bit scarier than the preview, but the whole picture looked fantastic! seriously one if the best movies I've learned about in a long time.

    so funny , kids these days won't eat pizza, actually thats scary,
    i love this movie allready and i want to see it

  3. Why do they feel the need to make a point of stating it's an "All-Female Horror Anthology"??? wtf is going through their heads?

  4. the woods was the scariest one well it wasn't scary but it was better than the rest but can someone explain the second one and the last one?

  5. The box part doesn't make sense as they can use force feeding to keep them alive. The demon son doesn't make sense as how the hell did mother kill him with just squeezing him to death? Like she has that kind of power vs her demonic son? The entire film over all is good but it just lacks reasonable ending to things.

  6. if I could give this movie negative stars I would. I thought from the trailer it was going to be great and THIS was thee worst movie I have watched. It was garbage, the whole thing was garbage.

  7. utter shit 2/5 stories are poor and predictable, no real frights, no real satisfying conclusion, it's like someone with a wide on for Tim Burton made it.

  8. just saw it today I liked only the 3rd story about the demon that possessed the girl. The rest of the stories were just boring as fuk..

  9. worst film I have ever seen. the stories didn't end properly. so many questions, but no answer.. and what was that stop motion part? the second story, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, was it meant to be a dark comedy or what? It left me confused at the end. didn't like it.

  10. these four short stories are absolutely delightful! Very well directed and written with suberb acting!! I really like them, specially "the box" and "dont fall"! You go girls!!!

  11. I just watched this. I won't be watching it again because its not good. Its not even OK. Its just bland. How does no one know how to scare people anymore.

  12. OMG guys wtf, yall really dont know what the box had ? It obviously had Obesity & Heart Disease statistics. ??

  13. i laughed how terrible it was when dad said "YOU'RE NOT GETTING UP FROM THIS TABLE UNTIL YOU EAT THE PIZZA" its just cringy as fu

  14. What the fuck did i just watched. This is the worst shit i have ever seen. It dosen't even make any fucking sense. they dont even show what was in the box. Waste of my fucking time. The guy that did that movie should quit his fucking job

  15. It's embarrassing that they would state "all female horror anthology, and then it suck this badly. Pretty sure it was some feminist gimmick that backfired. What were they thinking? Lol

  16. I'm female and I don't think it's necessary to put the "all female" thing just doesn't add anything just tries to show how women can make horror movies and women can but these people didn't make it good cuz we're all and individual and it's not like women can't make horror movies it's just that this is.. bad
    (Btw I'm not a feminist so ye)

  17. One of the few films I actually turned off….after the third segment…that was enough for me….how is Jovanka Vukovic allowed to keep making films?….

  18. A typical example of what you get when you let bored housewives with very little imagination and too much time on their hands loose with a word processor.
    Dont bother wasting your time on this movie, each story is ultimately pointless

  19. Can’t people write stories with beginnings , middles and endings?
    All these stories had no endings, no real plot, no purpose.

  20. I just got to watching about 2/3 of this movie, but I got tired of feeling myself getting dumber and dumber for doing so. I have no clue how they came up with the money or convince anybody to make this what I have to consider to be one of the top two or three dumbest movies I've ever watched in my lifetime and I have wash probably close to 10,000 movies without exaggerating. Please, unless you want to lower your IQ by at least 50 points, do not waste your time on watching this movie

  21. it bee real cool if they made a sequel and released it in 2021 or 2023 and for mine idea it should bee called xxxx

  22. The Box- SHAME.. if you look at the mother on the subway at the end, there's a poster that says SHAME, contagious, if contracted will lead to death. Something of that nature. Why am I the only one who sees it? The father says to the mother at the dinner table "are you taking any of this seriously, how can you eat knowing our children are starving?" Because she has no shame. When the boy looked into the box he contracted Shame and then told his sister and father. At the end on the subway, it's right there on the wall behind her..

  23. Was ist in der Box verdammt…
    Wer geht zu ner Party als "Toilette" wenn er schwarz ist !!? Erinnert mich an Geschichten aus der Gruft

  24. This anthology was just bad overall. The only decent short was don't fall. The box had an interesting premise but a lackluster conclusion, her only living son has been done a million times, and the birthday party was just so horrible it's not even horror, it's more like a comedy, and not even a good comedy cause it's not very funny and it makes no sense.

  25. I thought The Box was good,The second story daft,The Fall was boring and The Devil episode was okay but wanted a better ending.

  26. The movie don’t make NOOOOOO sense.. goes from one scene to another I’m sat here on Netflix like” what happens to the First Lady? And the daughter….”

  27. This was the worst .. .and I mean the WORST colletion of bullshti stories I've ever seen. I watched three after my wife told me to turn it off after the second. The writing is so weak.

  28. HUGE TRIGGER WARNING FOR ANOREXIA IN THE FIRST STORY!! i was not expecting to see that and it really set me back, some of the things it showed were really graphic. I would highly advise skipping it if you have an ed, no matter if you think you can handle it or not.

  29. I watched it. As a 13 year old. It was confusing… I didn't even get the damn storyline considering it had no endings… The only thing I'm looking for in this movie is the ending song where the… humun house puts a bird on a girls… door and becomes used as a heart?

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