Yandere Simulator CREEPYPASTA Mod | Just In Time for Halloween

Yandere Simulator CREEPYPASTA Mod | Just In Time for Halloween

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Hey guys and welcome to a yandere simulator mod that I personally am very excited for and by the title and thumbnail You already know that it is the creepypasta Yandere simulator mod Info-kun made this mod and when I saw the title for it I was like why is this not been made yet? We had five nights at Freddy’s mod Bendy mod Undertale mod No creepypasta mod really and you know how much I enjoy creepypasta things on my channel so of course I had to play this like immediately as in like it just came out today like seven hours ago, so here we go Spooky’s not really actually It’s pretty bright and colorful and cartoony and fun got a giant jack-o’-lantern floor my face is green my comforter is black Like my soul little bats on the corkboard Spiderweb door everything else seems the same basement basement is the same school Guys I’m a witch, that’s why that’s why my face was green wait a second. What is falling from the trees candy corns Oh my god. They’re candy corn leaves. I think they’re candy corn leaves They look like candy corn leaves (They are) Maybe I just really want candy corn right now who has ever said that who has ever said I could really go for some Candy corn right now (me) There’s a bowl of Reese’s and Twix and Snickers not give me that candy corn said nobody ever And there’s spider webs on the ground and what the heck is this oh? My gosh devil frowny face emojis and knife emojis a candy emoji So it’s an emoji bush (YASSSS) it’s an evil emoji bush alright, and it says to start this mod wait till everybody goes the lockers which we did cutscene and With witches hat of course i gotta be in full character whoa Yes, I get to be a floating demon witch this mod is so cool So I actually played another Halloween mod a couple days ago, and that’ll be up in a couple days I was supposed to put it up today But I wanted to replace it with this because I was way more excited for the creepypasta aspect But yeah that other Halloween mod will be out in a couple days, which is also pretty funny But not as detailed as this all right. We are off So it’s super dark and it’s gonna be super creepy running into all these creepypasta characters. Oh wait Let’s check out my laughs. Oh god. Isn’t that evil demon one? Yep, oh, But there’s a cool animation for it Such a girly feminine beautiful laugh Continuing on alright who’s in here rival cha oh, no. Oh God We’re gonna take the hat off at least until we identify everybody there we go. Oh you just have super cool Glowy red eyes alright, let’s see if I can guess who everybody is with my super crazy awesome Creepypasta knowledge mainly from doing my sim series, but whatever is this Jane the killer yes This is Sally okay. Let me take picture of you come on gotcha. Yup Sally two for two uh Crap you’re the you’re the Rainbow Dash creepypasta one. I don’t know your name though rainbow factory Okay, Kokona’s best friend. Huh…what?! I am Kokona’s best friend. Okay, so kind of three for three. I don’t know who you are Sweet tooth I have never heard of this creepypasta character. I’m gonna have to look you up. Okay, this one is Pinkamena yes, oh my god that picture alright, and who is hmm you look like Bambi, but I know you’re not Bambi. Oh Sally dot exe I should have known that oh, she’s a good one to add to my Creepypasta Sims series I’ve never added her before I’m gonna get such good ideas from playing this for that series All right the boys. Oh my gosh. That’s so scary Okay, well this is Jeff the killer clearly these are gonna be hard. I don’t know who this is Herobrine really How was I supposed to get that just cuz you have a beard. Alright this is Scp-163, I forget the actual numbers 1 7 3 no I was off by one number all right close enough, okay, I think this is Sonic.exe But for some reason not blue. Yep. I’m doin good. Ben Drowned. Yes. I’m doing it uh Eyeless Jack? Yeah Let’s see if we can hunt down more Oh god. Okay you’re creepy… Smile dog yeah, I saw the smile gave it away, okay, you are Poppy what the heck poppy is a creepypasta character. What My mind was just blown I mean I could see why. I believe that everything’s okay (creepy much) Oh No Yes, she is kind of creepy. crybabies something crybaby- Oh, Melanie Martin what yeah Melanie Martinez you are not a creepypasta character either. I don’t think So confused Oh laughing Jack what what what no? I just want to look up the Definition of a creepypasta because in the sim series I run into the same issue where people are like add penny wise add saw They’re not creepypasta characters neither Is Melanie Martinez well Poppy-Poppy maybe so creepy pastas are Essentially internet horror stories passed around on forums and other websites to disturb and frighten readers It’s kind of like an urban legend that was passed on through the internet Pennywise is a character written from Stephen King Not a creepypasta, but creepy, and I know that this is like a Creepypasta slash Halloween mod. I just wanted to make that clear Wha-I-I don-Actually because all bets are off there are not all creepypasta characters Okay I’ll give you that one Pokemon creepy black also part of the creepypasta Lavender town right is there any other just random creepy pastas like hanging out. It’s so dark I can’t find where the stairs are there they are What’s this it’s oka, Cola like from her mod? Do you guys remember the oka Cola commercial? I made if not I’m gonna insert it now Oh the table is covered with candy. I didn’t know there was tables in here when did that get added, but candy yes Oh wait, who are all of you? Are you the rivals? Oh it’s the rivals yeah, Kizana, oh, and they’re in there, but they’re in Halloween outfits all right, we got Amai super cute, Kizana Megami, Aknoko and oka. I love all your Halloween outfits. Good job girls Oh the light music club. Is there what does your shirt say? I don’t know what that says turtle are there any cool weapons summon weapons Oh the chainsaw is cool for the circular saw sorry circular saw is cool But that’s about it ooh. The occult club super Halloweeny cooking club went black and orange. Alright let’s go to the roof It is so dark. It’s hard to see Ooh look at the sky Ooh Spooky’s and I might need to restart because I think I took too long and everybody went to class. It’s all good I restarted, but at least I get my witch hat now. Oh my god its slender. I’m pretty sure this is slender. It’s got to be Sle- Oh, I’m gonna take my hat off. Slender you look so scared. Why? Slenderman. Bye slender. You still Oka? Wait okay? Oh Nina the killer who is that? That’s gonna be a fan made one, I’ve never heard of you Oh, and it’s the two Demon ladies with the whoa there there bazoombas are are ginormous There’s not even a word to describe how giant girls you must be destroying your backs with those. who is you? Oh…you are freaky… oOH! Your suicide Squidward, oh I see it it’s the-you tried to turn the nose into a big nose I get it. I get it. Squidward it’s okay. Don’t jump don’t do it Don’t do it Squidward You have so much to live for Oh, who is you it looks like markiplier when he had his red hair oh? I’m not in this. Oh I am. I was about to have a mental break like last time I see me I’m like on the bottom there underneath Yammy. My face got cut down, but that’s okay That’s okay, at least. I’m in it. Who are you are you markiplier? Are you the-oh are you Info-kun. Info-kun! Nice! Creator of the mod. Thank you Info-kun for including me in your little book and reading about me, and ye-es Who’s in the computer lab? Uh? You’re Ticci Toby, got you…Who are you? Oh? There’s a girl? Ticci Tina, I didn’t know you had a girl counterpart Ticci, Toby. (Me neither.) I’m learning so much about the garden out here Oh my god. The garden is filled with the little emoji ghosts. Hello little emoji Ghosts. School is so beautiful. How are you guys doing? Anything else in here? No, no just the ghost bushes and more emoji bushes Oh this one. This is a special bush. It’s got some pumpkin emojis thrown in whoo And I wonder if there’s any special outfits. Oh, it’s a black and orange gym uniform Alright what’s the swimsuit? Oh, it’s just an orange swimsuit. Alright I’ll go back to the uniform. Oh, I think I found more creepypasta characters Oh God the darn hat-every time I put it back on! Who are you? I don’t know who you are I don’t know who you are. Zero. Never heard of any of these Creepypasta’s. I guess I don’t know as much as I thought Clockwork I know you Laughing jack. Bloody Painter. What-who are you? I don’t know. Oh the rake, okay. I know you I know you now did I get everybody all right, so? Slender you’re gonna have to be my guinea pig because I need to see if when you bleed it’s something special. Huah Yes, you do bleed something interesting. A pentagram. I have defeated slender does that mean I am all-powerful Creepypasta now I am my own Creepypasta I am the-I am Z. That’s just my name Z the Creepypasta murderer of slender all right guys. Well. I think that’s gonna be it for yandere simulator Creepypasta Halloween mod, it looks like I’m like these are my boys Yeah, this is super cool mod. I can’t believe it took this long before somebody made it actually But I didn’t even think about it until I saw it too, so I get it But thank you Info-Kun for making this like I said I have a lot more yandere simulator videos coming out that I have filmed already so be Excited and as always if you made it this far in the video make sure to leave a like before you go subscribe if you’re new To the channel I put out new videos every single day and as always I will Z you guys soon (CC reviewed by xXHaloEpicXx)


  1. The best thing ever is when it's Friday night, me just chilling and then a notification pops up of Lauren playing my mod. Thanks so much Lauren 💜

  2. Nina the killer loves Jeff the killer and wanted to be with him forever so she make herself like him her dream is to be with him until death unlike Jane the killer she hates him and her dream is to kill him then she will be happy…

  3. Wait am just asking why is poppy there why are people afraid of poppy she,s cute like Lauren and why didn't yandere dev added Lazari she is a creepy pasta too

  4. I feel like your witch character is meant to kinda look like Lulu.
    Nina is a fan of Jeff, I dunno how she became a creepypasta though.

  5. NoOOoOOO you should be Nina the killer and senpai should be Jeff ;__; i was thinking of that AS i clicked this ;______;

  6. Me watching LaurenzSide Creepypasta Yandere Sim. Mode
    Juding every single detail bcs I`m a OP at Creepypasta things
    Sees Ticci Toby`s info
    Sees A random girl`s info that is IDENTICAL to Toby
    Kills Ticci Tina, adds Clockwork to the mode and edits Toby & Clocky`s infos to make them both crushes each other TO MAKE THE SHIP CANNON

    Sorry I just love that ship so hard.
    I apologise to the people that do not ship Creepypasta characters or either Clockwork with Toby.
    Is just that the official creators of the Creepypasta Federation say it`s canon

  7. "I want some candy corn." And "No one said "I want some candy corn."

    "What did u say u BACH!!!!"

  8. Nina the killer isn’t fan made it’s a Creepypasta just saying

    I knew all of them except for Jana millareme or sweet tooth

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