Yesterworld: Haunted Mansion’s Secret Nightmare Before Christmas Easter Eggs

Yesterworld: Haunted Mansion’s Secret Nightmare Before Christmas Easter Eggs

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[intro sound effects] [Lightning SFX] The Haunted Mansion is all decked out for the holidays, becoming The Haunted Mansion Holiday.>>NARRATOR: In October of 2001, Disneyland’s
Haunted Mansion was transformed into Haunted Mansion Holiday a Halloween and Christmas seasonal overlay
inspired by Tim Burton and Henry Selick’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. [music and singing] And for well over a decade, this tradition
has become a staple of the park’s Holiday celebrations, with an incarnation appearing in Tokyo Disneyland
in 2004, renamed as The Haunted Mansion Holiday. [Japanese attraction audio] However, despite Walt Disney World’s Magic
Kingdom featuring similar Christmas and Halloween events and decorations, the east coast version of the Haunted Mansion
has yet to receive the same treatment, leaving many to question why. [music and singing: Year after year, it’s
the same routine] As it turns out, Disney originally had plans
to give the Magic Kingdom it’s own version, but after surveying guests, they found that
the majority were not in favor of an East Coast holiday overhaul. As unlike Disneyland, in which the parks attendance
consists of a larger amount of locals and regular visitors, Disney World was perceived as a once in a
lifetime destination park, and Disney wanted to avoid the risk of guests
missing out on riding the famous attraction 5-6 months of the year, as Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion usually
closes late august, and doesn’t return to it’s original state until mid to late January. [Child: There goes Christmas] However as the story goes, with Disney World
cast members being disappointed that their version of the Haunted Mansion would never
see a Nightmare Before Christmas Re-theming, during a refurbishment sometime around 2009, imagineers snuck in a rumored 13 Nightmare
Before Christmas easter eggs, 7 of which have been found by eagle eyed fans
over the years, and they are as follows: [sounds of falling] The first can be found in the foyer, before
entering the stretching room. If you look at the painting of Master Gracey
above the fireplace, once he changes into his skeletal form, and if you look closely,
the face of Jack Skellington can be seen above his eyebrows. The 2nd and 3rd easter eggs are located in
the library, on the left hand side of the room, just as
you’re about to enter the next show scene, there’s a table with a pile of books in
the corner, And one of the books on the top features The
Nightmare Before Christmas logo on it’s cover, and Jack’s face on the spine. With another book Directly below on the floor,
this one with Jack Skellington’s body as a silhouette against a red background. [Jack Skellington: The coat is red, the trim
is white.] The rest can be found in the attic after the
ballroom show scene, with the 4th Easter egg being a doll of Sally, which can usually be found immediately on
the right, sitting on a pile of books on the middle shelf of a nightstand. Now I use the word usually, because while
it was there in 2016, as evidenced by SoCal Attractions 360’s ride video, as of the time of this recording, it appears
to be missing. [Mayor: Is there anywhere we’ve forgotten
to check?] Immediately after the Sally doll, the 5th
can be found on the floor below the second portrait of the bride’s husbands, in the form of another book, softly illuminated
from above, and nearly identical to the one found in the library. Finally, the 6th and 7th are located as you
approach the attic’s exit, on the opposite side of the room as the Bride. However visibility is highly dependent on
the amount of cobwebs, prop placement, and lighting. But upon reviewing footage from earlier this
year, I unintentionally captured them, as far in the back on a bookshelf is a very
obscured doll and snow globe of Jack Skellington. And like many on this list, are nearly impossible
to spot with the naked eye. And curiously, while it appears that some of these
items were specifically created for the attraction, several of them are publicly available pieces
of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise. [music and singing: These dolls and toys confuse
me so, confound it all I love it though.] So while Disney World may never get a Nightmare
Before Christmas overlay, the next time you visit Magic Kingdom’s
haunted mansion, keep your eyes peeled for these well hidden easter eggs. But please, be courteous of those around you, and never attempt using a flash with other guests present. So what about you? What are your favorite easter eggs in a theme
park attraction? Also, if you’d like to help support me in
the making of these videos, please check out my patreon and merchandise shop. As always, thank you all so much for watching,
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  1. Thank you for all the work put into this video! I know it's fun to ride Haunted Mansion over and over to get original video, but it still took a lot of work and I loved learning about things I never knew before about the ride.

  2. Tbh, I'm really tired of Haunted Mansion Holiday. It was okay when it was shorter (at the very least, close it in September instead of August), but half of the year is ridiculous. Admittedly, I am biased as the original is my favorite ride. I also think that Nightmare Before Christmas has proven that it can have its own ride and I think the film is popular enough to be year-round. At least have the Jack Skellington and Sally characters out year-round, the meet-and-greet line is ridiculous.

  3. i personally believe it should only be NBC during Christmas. If i were to go to Disneyland of TDL during Halloween i would want to ride a haunted mansion ride, not a silly Christmas house with a few monsters and ghosts in it.

  4. Hey all, I hope you enjoy this special video just in time for Halloween! When I recently stumbled upon this subject, I found it fascinating as despite riding Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion more times than I can count, I never knew about/noticed these. I hope you find it as fascinating as I do, and thanks for watching!

  5. I had no clue these existed in the haunted mansion I wish they had a behind the scenes tour of this ride bc it is my favorite and I know I’m not alone on it. I’m sure there’s so many more little Easter eggs and facts we just don’t know about

  6. honestly never knew that WDW didn’t have it! being a DL goer my whole life and a WDW goer just once in a february many years ago… it never occurred to me the other park wouldn’t be the same?? i’ve always loved the change at DL

  7. Walt Disney World does promote the Haunted Mansion heavily during Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, and they give the mansion facade certain colors of lighting to give it a more eerie feel.

  8. Abomination. Like taking a dump on the mona lisa. Stupid movie skin on a absolute classic of a dark ride to drive up local attendance in traditionally low months. I get it but still. Was just there and now will have to go back so the kids can experience the real thing.

  9. …..they asked the wrong people for the survey for adding the christmas version to magic kingdom. i've been DYINGGGGGG for it to come here!!!!

  10. I accidentally used my flash on Madame Leota once. 🙈🙈🙈 I felt SO BAD! (Not to mention I was terribly embarrassed) lol

  11. Honestly, I might enjoy Haunted Mansion Holiday more if at the very least they waited until November to start the overlay process. Like, yeah, I get it, it's part Halloween film and part christmas film but when it's October literally the last thing I want is to be reminded that Christmas is coming, tv does a good enough onslaut of that already by that point. It's the spooky month! I want my Haunted Mansion: classic flavor with all due respect

  12. Haunted Mansion Holiday is very well done. It's just more Christmas-y than Halloween-y. They shouldn't close the regular mansion until the first week of November. I have the feeling that's what will happen in the next couple of years, anyway.

  13. I live near Disneyland and at the time of this comment the Halloween/Christmas overlay is running right now and this December I’m going to Walt Disney World, though it would be nice to see a Christmas version but I’d like to see the normal version

  14. The holiday haunted mansion is a very fun overlay but I can see why WDW wouldn't want such a long before and after refurbishment cycle. However I wish they would have a Nightmare attraction based somewhere that they could flip on and off during the third quarter of the year. They would sell an insane amount of merch/ food & drink and could make a killing.

  15. "Once in a lifetime visit"? Bull. Shit. It's not that difficult to pitch in together and save up. I've been 6 times and I live in Texas. I'm not even rich. That is a bull reason for our side not to get more Nightmare. Jack rules this damn holiday. The darn mouse can get off his high horse for just a few months a year. Idc.

  16. Hey Yesterworld Entertainment should do a video on the Back to the future ride at universal Studios and history of it.

  17. I hope they never change it because I've never seen it ! I live in Florida and would kill to see the California one because TNBC is my favorite movie.

  18. Don't like the overlay at DL.
    I much prefer the classic, normal, regular haunted mansion. However, we always end up taking our twins to DL for their birthday in September, so I have to ride the Christmas version 😣

  19. I always though that maybe the remaining Easter eggs aren't props at all, maybe they snuck in some voice lines that either reference the history of the movie, behind the scenes, or even the underated sequal game, NBC oogie's revenge. I'm not sure when to do that cause I don't live in Florida but yeah maybe the fans need to think outside the box to find the rest. Maybe…

  20. Trust me, East Coasters, you DON'T want HMH to become a thing over there. There is NOTHING more annoying for a Haunted Mansion fan than having the one attraction in the whole park that should be the most Halloween (Halloweeniest?) already celebrating Christmas in October…..



  22. Jack and friends are so popular, it's kind of funny the Magic Kingdom hasn't compensated by giving them a whole ride, or environment of some kind for the holidays in WDW.

  23. I think I'm in the minority when I say this but I love the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. It's just so cool! I never get sick of going on it. I love the original but man, the overlay is just awesome.

  24. Magic Kingdom should just get a Halloween Town Land. Same for Disneyland. I think the film is popular enough to have a ride/land but it shouldn’t take over a classic attraction for half the year.

  25. wait, the overlay is in place for half of the year at disneyland?! why? that seems like waaay too long to me. wouldn't october through december be enough?

  26. As a Cast member I got to tour the haunted mansion and they said they were going to have the NBC overlay originally, Tim Burton even toured the ride at WDW and they made the props for our version, the books that were found were left by him. However when the ride closed just for a regularly scheduled refurbishment guests tried to climb the gate just to get in, that’s when they realized that closing it for the overlay would be near impossible. So the props that Tokyo, which is identical to ours, has were made for the WDW attraction

  27. Sadly during evacuations, the jack skellington snow globe was broken. I wouldn’t doubt the doll was snatched too. I worked at haunted mansion for about six months

  28. It was recently brought to my attention by a source who wishes to remain anonymous as well as a viewer, that since my Febrary 2017 footage and making of this video, the Jack Skellington Doll has been removed from the showscene along with the Jack Snowglobe having been broken (though the base may still remain) during an evacuation around the same time. Whether the Sally Doll will also remain permanently removed I am unsure. But the rest of the items as of the filming of the video in October 2017 are still there. So basically, at this point in time for whatever reason, other than the book, the attic showscene is (according to these sources) devoid of any NBC elements.

  29. Wtf, I live on the east coast and was looking forward to taking the fam to Disney in November to experience Nightmare before Christmas Haunted Mansion. That's some B.S.

  30. They do change the Haunted Mansion ride at Walt Disney World to The Nightmare Before Christmas cuz I used to work for Disney and they changed it while I was working there and that was around 2016 so them not changing it is totally not accurate

  31. I went to it at Halloween IT WAS SO FUN we saw oogie boogie there was so much cool stuff!!!

    And you normally get to only meet jack while in line to meet him sally rarely comes out AND BECUZ I HAD RED HAIR HE BROUGHT HER OUT CUZ I REMINDED HIM OF HER OOOH IT WAS EPIC!!!

  32. I am a Jew in Israel and not a Christian in America. And I can't understand how Christians in America would not be offended by this treatment of their holiday.

  33. I really want a haunted mansion holiday overlay in Magic Kingdom. I'm a local so I can always see the regular again.

  34. the fact that Tokyo Disneyland gets the Nightmare overlay is a good thing. it's identical (if not superior) to WDW's version so it gives you an idea of what it would be like if WDW were to have it.

  35. Honestly, I'm bummed that I have yet to ride the original Disneyland Haunted Mansion, because both times I visited in recent years, it was when the holiday overlay was open. So from personal experience, I get why this is an issue for 1st time parkgoers. I've also heard complaints from Disneyland locals that they wish they could ride the original Haunted Mansion during Halloween.

  36. The only time I went to the USA was September 2002 and I had to go to Disneyland, was disappointed that the Haunted Mansion was not open and doubly so when I heard that it was being made ready for the Nightmare Before Xmas version. It was the highlight of the time I visited Euro Disney back in the summer of 1992.

  37. I have to agree, Disney in the US is a onetime trip. It costs thousands of dollars for the airline tickets, then several hundred more for the hotel, and I don't even want to know how much the tickets are, all before food.

    It is for the best in this case.

  38. Personally I'd be more willing to travel to the other side of the world if it meant being able to go on a Nightmare Before Christmas version of a ride.

  39. Ugh… I REALLY want this ride to be in Magic Kingdom, if they did the poll again I honestly think that most people would want this ride to be in Florida.

  40. Am I the only one who remembers the stretching room being briefly changed to a Christmas Jack Skellington instead of someone hanging?

  41. I despise that fact that they run the Nightmare Before Christmas version in October. Like no, you save that shit for November, I want the REAL Haunted Mansion at Halloween.

  42. like if the Haunted Mansion at disneyland or magic kingdom should workk with TinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels to make a Hello Neighbor Theme for the haunted mansion

  43. Just found this channel today and love your videos! Fun fact: I am the author of the magical adventures travel post with the pictures 😉 I am glad they found some more life here (and I appreciate the credit being given for the photos because let me tell you, they were HARD to capture lol) I have a story as to how I found them all if you ever want to hear about it 😉 Anyways, thanks for the awesome videos guys!

  44. Actually, I'm planning to give wdw it's own version, I know that in dca it runs from somewhere in September to Oct. 31st, but the one in tdl I don't know, but in magic kingdom it will run from Oct. 31st to Dec. 25th that also means it will be here everyday in November, It's going to be great!

  45. Literally I rode the DLR Haunted Mansion and from Madame Leota all the way to the end of the ride a girl recorded and took pictures with the flash on, RUINED my favorite scene with the ballroom, and at that moment I leaned out of the buggy and was like “SHUT OFF YOUR STUPID FLASH.” And they got mad. They blinded everyone and us and I’m still pissed about it.

  46. aww so that's why we never get one is Disney World.. I'm from the East Coast, so my family has gone to disney World often since I was a child (usually once a year or so). So I would have appreciated having the nightmare before christmas themed haunted mansion. It just looks so cool. I love the film and there aren't any rides for it and the theme goes so well with the haunted mansion.

  47. I'm glad the Magic Kingdom's version is preserved for the exact reason mentioned. I love Nightmare Before Christmas, I truly do, but it's so rare that I get to go to Disney and while I'm there I want to enjoy one of my favorite rides like it's always been.

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