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How’s it going gamers, my name is bones and welcome to a game called the hunted this is an indie horror game from Itchy oh and The way I found out about this game was the developer actually reached out to me on one of my videos that I did for Another heö game and he said hey play my game and I said, you know what? That’s not like a great idea. So I wanted to play it watching the trailer for it. It actually looks really neat That looks like it has a really cool concepts and then a lot of people were either Excited for this game to be released for the demo or they said the demo was really good So I’m not expecting a whole lot since it is a demo I’m not sure how many people were on this team or how long it took to create? But I think it’s gonna be really nice. So let’s go ahead and get into it Hello Press e to use press B to blink betta blink Tad look at inventory. I have to tell you something. All right, tell me I’m listening Dr. Albers house collapsed. Oh, no sounds like you’re breaking up like you’re going to a tunnel Okay, you haven’t told me anything yet what things what kind of bad things How could I be careful you don’t tell me what’s going on Who are you? Stop what? Evil and flesh and bones You will be hunted because that is the name of the game. All right, so let’s give him play now Okay, well I wasn’t expected that she’s like I need to tell you stuff and then she didn’t tell me anything Finally she nearby check the toilet Okay Here’s my name Hunter or am I just a hunter Come on me why you gotta do me like that. Why you gotta do me like that me oh Is this that girls talking to do I gotta take care of her family now you Gross nasty This is the place that we used to feel free the most no strings no scientists No people that won’t that do us the worst find the follow Peyton and you’ll see the name of the drug They gave them who’s breathing in my ear Oh Blake okay, blink blink. Okay. I don’t know what that was about Said a goose. Oh, well, it’s gone. I’ve been smoked So I blink to get the monsters away, huh Very interesting. I can open the door from 3,000 feet away whose color the room changed That’s not just concerning at all Are y’all enjoying it so far? Is it spooky enough named Peyton Douglas? Gender male his his job. His occupation was to be a prisoner a child molester specifically He got a lifetime sentence 90 kilogram height. The subject was brought the subject was brought the facility after molesting his neighbor’s three-year-old daughter The aim of this experiment was to test the serum 109s effect on brakes and continuity of body bodily tissue due to violence or known as wounds Minnie since log one the experiment was started after 12 hours after the injection of serum 109 The subject has been received superficial wounds in order to be observed, but during the healing process. What are superficial wounds? What does that mean to the healing process of superficial wounds were completed earlier than expected? Stage two was to create deeper wounds by using a knife Log3 surprisingly the healing process was a success It happened even faster comparing to the superficial wound healing process The next stage was to make the subject lose a limb log for the subject has been euthanized after The subject had lost a limb his left arm a healing process started happening But the samples taken from the new form tissue came up in a different DNA the subject had grown aggressive behavior The reason is unknown The experiment has ended the samples from the body’s new newly formed arm will be examined and serum 109 will be studied to prevent similar events That’s bizarre, that’s what happens when you play God you get unforeseen consequences All right this door it is Hello Hello Open says me. There we go. What? Who’s in there that doesn’t want me to go in Of course there’s nobody of course, of course there’s nobody This looks not appealing Have you heard the screams Don’t confuse me this cast that got the cream This is for your actions only can be described as two blasphemy find the file of melody Do the same thing to her name as they did to her body? What what does any of this mean Whose melody? Why did you give Kat the cream? Why do you sound like that when you gave them the cream I have so many questions Hello hello Where’s that cat with his damn cream Beware of the man with the mask he doesn’t care whether you completed the task blinked till you don’t see her anymore However, mind the things she’s saying never dare to ignore. Oh No, I don’t like it oh My god, oh my god, that was that was actually terrifying I Don’t like this game putting stuff behind me as I’m reading a note and how did they know what part of note I was reading? She started talking right as I got to that part of the note. Oh Man Okay, no more doors tiger down here. Okay Wow That part was good. I very much enjoyed that last part for sure This game’s interesting There’s not a whole lot to it, obviously and whenever they come out with the full game It just be a lot more to it. But the blinking aspect was actually really cool I didn’t know it when I first read I was like I’m not sure how they’re gonna have to incorporate the blinking But you blink to get rid of the monsters little signal call So get rid of the monsters or the spirits but I’m wondering if they’re gonna add an aspect to where like if you hear him you gotta blink once if you hear her you Gotta blink until you stop here in there and you just gonna do that throughout the game I think that’d be a really cool concept where you have to memorize blink patterns in order to get rid of specific people But I really appreciate that. Thank you developers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for recommending this game. I really enjoyed it Make sure you let me know or whatever I need to go to to know when the full game comes out cuz I’d really much like to play it and thank you So much for watching If you liked this video Make sure you hit the like button if you wanna see more videos that I have done machine hit subscribe and go check out some Of the videos on my channel. I’m gonna leave a link to the issue of playlist down in the description below So if you enjoy these indie games, then you can go and enjoy the other ones that I’ve played so far Thank you so much for all the support. You have given me we’re at ninety subscribers We have ten more until we get to our next goal. So I’m really excited for that But remember keep leaving your comments down in the comments below keep leaving anything You want me to see anything that could help me get better whatever it is Leave it down in the comments cuz that’s helping me grow. I can feel it. We’re growing to the community So I really appreciate that but one more time. Thank you guys so much for watching and as always game on

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