YOU vs MICHAEL MYERS – Could You Defeat Him? (Halloween Movie)

YOU vs MICHAEL MYERS – Could You Defeat Him? (Halloween Movie)

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Everyone loves Halloween- it’s that time of
year where people get to dress up in spooky costumes, eat a bunch of candy, and be brutally
murdered by a superhuman psychopathic killer. For thirty years Michael Myers has stalked
our nightmares, and Halloween is his time to shine. Incessantly driven on a quest to murder his
family members, Michael keeps coming back time and time again looking to finish his
evil quest. How well do you know your own family’s background? Could you be related to Michael Meyers? If so, what would you do if he came after
you? Hello and welcome to another special episode
of The Infographics Show- today we’re pitting you up against the classic Halloween slasher:
Michael Myers. Born on October 19th, 1957, Michael Myers
was only six years old when he brutally murdered his teenage sister, Judith. Complaining of bizarre, inexplicable nightmares
and a voice in his head that told him to do bad things, Michael’s dreams were filled with
flashbacks to events that happened centuries ago in Medieval Europe. Michael dreamed of a fifteen-year-old boy
named Enda. Deformed by a midwife’s botched delivery and
shunned by his community, Enda had nevertheless fallen in love with a Celtic princess named
Deirdre. When her father called for suitors, Enda approached
the king and asked for her hand in marriage, only to be rejected and laughed at by all
present, to include his own father. Confident he could make Deirdre love him if
he could simply get to her, Enda secretly followed her to a river one day. Approaching her, Deirdre mistook his intentions
and became frightened, nearly falling into the river. When Enda tried to rescue her Deirdre believed
he was trying to rape her and fled. Heartbroken by the accusation and humiliation,
Enda was driven to madness and later on the Celtic holiday of Samhain, he viciously attacked
Deirdre and Cullain both, killing the couple. The village turned on Enda and brutally murdered
him in return, with the King having his shaman curse Enda’s soul to forever wander the earth
until the end of time repeating his crime. Possessed by Enda’s spirit, a six year old
Michael killed his older sister Judith on Halloween night, then sat outside on the front
yard and waited for the police to arrest him. He was sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and
became the patient of psychiatrist Doctor Sam Loomis, who spent fifteen years with young
Michael. Per Dr. Loomis, he spent eight years trying
to reach the pint-sized murderer, and then seven after that trying to keep him locked
up forever because, “I realized that what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely
and simply… evil.” On October 30th, 1978, Michael broke out of
his room in Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, but not before carving the word “sister” on
his door. What followed was a long journey trying to
track down his surviving younger sister so he could murder her, all the while hounded
by Dr. Loomis who would do his best to recapture the renegade psychopath. So let’s say that you’re checking your family
tree one day and suddenly feel a cold chill as you realize that you’re second cousins
with someone in the infamous Myers family tree. And to make matters worse, you look up and
realize that the date on the calendar is October 30th- just one day until Halloween! What would you do? How could you survive an encounter with Michael
Myers? First you have to know what you’re up against. Afflicted by the Curse of Thorn, Myers is
for all intents and purposes simply unkillable. It was said that Hell wouldn’t accept him,
and so Myers is denied an after life either in the pearly gates or in the depths of fiery
hell- which unluckily for us means he is stuck to wander the earth forever. Not only is Michael immortal though, he is
superhumanly strong, able to lift full-grown men into the air with just one arm, or jam
his thumbs through somebody’s skull. Along with his super-strength is his super-endurance,
as Myers seems to never physically tire and is all but invulnerable to life-threatening
injuries to include being shot in the head. He may have a healing factor that allows him
to regenerate vital organs, or perhaps he is simply zombified and lives purely as a
corpse animated by evil alone. Either way, he’s one tough cookie- and if
all of that wasn’t enough, Myers also has the extraordinary ability to sneak better
than the most accomplished international jewel thief, making it impossible to sneak up on
him and likely making you the one who’ll be getting snuck up on. So as you may have learned from some of our
previous videos, picking your battlefield is often the key difference between life and
death. When faced with a superhuman monster such
as Michael, you’re going to want every advantage you can get while denying him the same. This means you’re going to want to fight somewhere
where Michael can’t effectively sneak up on you- so boarded up abandoned houses in the
middle of the night or old lumber mills are out of the question. Instead, we recommend a nice, big, empty stadium. The large, open field will give Michael no
cover to hide behind, and the powerful lights will make it impossible for Michael to have
a single shadow to sneak behind, but given his intelligence its likely he’ll figure out
a way to shut the lights off on you- which is bad news. So instead wage your battle to the death at
day time so lighting is not an issue. No cover to hide behind, and no shadows to
skulk through- now you’re turning the odds against him. But you’re still going to have to find a way
to take down 200 pounds of murder that can’t die. If you’re a fan of our other videos then you
know that here at The Infographics Show we’re big believers in problem solving through superior
firepower, and it doesn’t get much more superior than the US military’s M240 Bravo machine
gun. A general-purpose machine gun, the M240 is
an equal-opportunity ass kicking machine, easily taking on enemy personnel and lightly
armored vehicles. Firing a 7.62mm round at a rate of 950 rounds
per minute, the M240 can reach out and hurt someone almost 4,000 meters away! That’s a lot of ouch being delivered at over
2,800 feet per second, giving each 7.62mm round incredible kinetic energy. But unfortunately for us Michael seems generally
unfazed by ballistics, so this time we’re going to have to change our usual tactic of
‘shoot it a bunch with big guns until it dies’ with science. You’re not going to win this fight with brawn,
so let’s win it with brains. What you’ll want to do is to have built a
secret pit with a trap door in advance in the middle of your battlefield. Now, for a mass-murdering, literally-evil-incarnate,
immortal psychopath, Michael is pretty clever and similar tactics have been tried before. However if there’s one thing that Michael
absolutely hates is the same thing as every 80s horror villain in history: promiscuity. And if there’s another thing Michael has a
blind, all-consuming rage for, is his sister. We’re not going to spell it out for you, and
we’d really rather leave the details out, but you’re basically going to have to make
a very powerful lure for Michael, and seeing as both of his sisters are long dead- well,
you’re going to have to get very creative. At least maybe now you can find a use for
that blow-up doll you bought as a quote, joke, unquote, and then stashed away in shame. Anyways, whatever your clever ploy is- and
we cannot stress enough that we really don’t want to know the details- it should be enough
to lure Michael in a blind rage towards you. With a head full of murder, Michael should
fall easy prey for your secret trap door, and fall into the prepared pit that you have
waiting for him. But what do you fill a pit with that can be
lethal to something that can’t die? Venomous snakes? Spikes? Flamethrowers? Venomous snakes carrying spikes that are on
fire? This is where science comes to the rescue. Fluoroantimonic acid is one of the most powerful
acids known to man. With a PH of -31.3, it’s 100,000 billion billion
billion times more potent than stomach acid, and no we did not make up that number. It is so powerful that it can only be stored
in specialized containers, because not only would it eat through a glass bottle, but it
would continue eating through the table it rests on. We think you know where this is going. Michael may be able to handle being set on
fire, stabbed in the heart, and shot in the brain, but we’d like to see what kind of evil
can withstand its molecular bonds being ripped apart by fluoroantimonic acid. In the world of evil spirits, it turns out
that the ultimate exorcist may just be chemistry. How would you take on Michael Myers? Is Chemistry truly our greatest tool against
evil? Also, be sure to check out our other video
You vs Freddy Kreuger! Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.


  1. You know to beat Michael Myers is to get every killer to work together heres a list
    1 Freddy Krueger
    2 Jason Voorhees
    3 Jigsaw
    4 pennywise
    5 Chucky
    6 Leatherface
    7 Ghost Face
    8 Pin head
    9 Samara and
    10 Annabelle

  2. How to beat Micheal Myers:
    1. Search Micheal’s Secrets
    2. Grab an Axe
    3. Wait for Halloween
    4. Fight Micheal
    5. Vlog and tell everybody watching in YouTube his secrets

  3. How to defeat Michael Myers
    1 Get a bunch of boates
    2 get meg to follow you
    3 let Meg face michael
    4 get away with one of your boats

  4. I do not think the infographics show hasn't thought this through Michael Myers has been injected with corrosive acid and he still survived.

  5. “Can you be related to Michel Myers, if so what would you do”?
    I would punch him and run. Do you know how slow that man is lol ? ? ?

  6. My friend might be related her name is Aalleah and her last name is Myers but I dont really belive that she is related to him

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