ZERO | Mystery Thriller Pilot Film | Directed by Saravanakumar M | Film Psycho | Alpere Productions

ZERO | Mystery Thriller Pilot Film | Directed by Saravanakumar M | Film Psycho | Alpere Productions

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Hey…Hey… Can you hear me? Hey… Who are you? Just Hold on. I call an Ambulance S**T Name What? Name? my name? Hmmm “JOHN” Don’t waste your time John “ZERO” “ZERO” “ZERO” Hey. Heyy. Heyyyyy. “ZERO” “ZERO” “ZERO” Hey… Hey Who are you? No… Just hold on. i call an ambulance No Sh** Name S**t What? Name? My Name? Hmmmm “SAM” Sam… Dont waste your time “ZERO” “ZERO” “ZERRRRRO” Heyy. Heyy. Heyyyyy… Female News Reader: There hss been a lot of missing cases from famous tourist spot ooty but no evidence on those victims as yet. all those victims are invited to a hotel named “HOTEL KINGS” but police personal said that there no such hotels in ooty and no bodies has been found. The police also said that investigation is going on, we will solve this mystery at the earliest. This is NEWS13, will continue after the break.


  1. Screenplay is interesting and every scene creates a curious about the next scene i am fascinating by the cinematography of this film very good and gentle picturisation but follow focus could be better in some shots are slightly out of focus it can identify by the general audience but picture was really awesome especially I liked more that bike riding top angle shot mainly ur scored 10 out of 10 in location choosing what a location and the colour tone of the film and location both are bring the thriller emotion music was good and sound effects was really good I felt that but in one shot the character not close the bathroom door(slightly is in open) but you kept the doors closing sound this only is the mistake totally overall the film was superb it will grip the audience anyway all the best Mr saravanakumar bro you are having great future ahead and all the best good job for best picturisation Avinash G (cinematographer)
    Congratulations to #zero_pilotfilm team

  2. மிகவும் அழகான காட்சிகள்.
    கனவின் தாக்கம் மிக சரியாக படமாக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.
    சில இடங்களில் முதலில் வந்த காட்சிகளை
    மறுபடியும் மறுபடியும் காட்டியதால் சிறிது போற்.
    இது ஒரு குறை மட்டுமே.

    படம் முழுக்க முழுக்க என்னை தன்வசம் வைத்திருந்தது.

  3. Nice movie ji nalla erunthu chu but hero acting konjam nalla erunthurukalam , realism miss aaguthu ,and way of direction cinemo was amazing including bgm try better anthology it suits u
    All the best……with lovely hearts

  4. music was very good ,lighting green tone ?? ,acting nice konjam dialogue scene la english etho padathoda ottala acting konjam amateurish sha thanniya theinjithu, opening scene location artwork ambience very nice ? problem is much confused screenplay and story …..hero use panra mobile and anga imaginary character kudukura mobile same model confuse pannuthu ..which one is real which one is dream nu clear cut line llaa if we take leather jacket scenes lam dream and t-shirt scene lam real naaa 1hour (timer)….la hero dream panni nadakura story …..that 1 min (timer) la varathu dream state gun shot kekuthu pakkathu roomku poraan mobile kedaikuthu varan antha suspense box hunt panran antha dead one black jacket guy gun vaikuraaru…. cut/real one layum gun vaikuraru climax la suduraaru …why imaginary character real la vanthu sudanum ? aprom second guy (specs guy)arrive loop begins ..if we follow the loop naa second guy (specs guy) oda dream la hero varuvaaru phone kuduparu with zero password…(mistake alert:but real one la hero engayum zero password use pannamaataru dream state thavara so loop break agidum) second guy suspense box hunt pannuvaru climax la hero shoot pannuvaru …lets come to first one…dream la kudukura phone real one ku transfer agathu thats why u use same phone as hero used ?? so if that loop continuous naaa eppo dream state phone real life ku varrum …….one more thing that much of sleeping pills can kill a person bro even more than 5 pills may lethal

  5. Really superb bro …Have been admired by your videos ,from now yours film also admires us a lot …Way to go brother ,u have the potential .Never ever give up .A special mention to the crew such an amazing pack of crew u have got.Finally Well done team .Way to go brother ✌️✌️❤️❤️

  6. Awesome movie Bro.. Expecting to the feature film …good lighting, nice cinematography,good acting, sound mixing also good….. Actually I loved u r music -vera level bro…… Sila edathula sound ambiance crct pannirukalamnu feel aachu(because it's disturbing the music) …

    Nalla team work, great film and great direction

    Keep rocking ????

  7. I watched this movie for my frnd saravanakumar honestly. Congrats for the whole team for a great effort.. Tamil cinema really needs directors like this. Enjoyed every second of the movie. An intelligent detailed movie.. The picture, a book, maze, dream ????????

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