Zombie Love Story – Minecraft Animation Life of Alex and Steve

Zombie Love Story – Minecraft Animation Life of Alex and Steve

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Is that you Alex? Did you come over to join our slumber party? Huh? Hey! You’re not Alex. You’re a zombie! I don’t like zombies! Wow surprisingly you have a lot in common with Alex. You like to bang on things and make growl sounds. Ah zombie! Get out of here! You’re not invited to our slumber party! You should treat me fairly even though I’m a zombie. I just want to eat your brains a little. He copying our outfit! You copying our outfit! Trying to look cool or something! It’s not going to work. Yeah It’s the default minecraft zombie skin. I have no choice in the matter. You’re just full of excuses aren’t you! Copy cat! Ouch! huh? You’re throwing things at me! Ya that’s how immature people like us resolve our problems! But I’m just a nice zombie. Who wants to join your slumber party and eat your brains. Just a little bit. Only hot girls like Alex can eat my brains Yeah I love slumber parties and brains. Love conquers all obstacles Hey! Where you going!? Hey! Huh? He’s entering through the unfinished portions of my house that I was too lazy to finish. Hey!? What’s this thing Ha ha ha! But you can’t get us! Because we’re up here and your all the way down there He he he! Yeah. He is stupid. He can’t even use the ladder over there. Huh? ok! Thanks bro Why did you tell him about the ladder!? You have to stop him You’re so bad at throwing! He was moving. He’s getting closer! Hurry and place some blocks down! I have no blocks! Oh no he’s kicking so much I can’t do anything. I’ll just wait till he gets tired. I have to save myself! Can I eat your brains? You’re all copying my outfit! Is this some sort of convention or something? AH this is all your fault! I decide put all the blame on you so I can feel better about myself temporarily! I don’t have flying abilities like him! Someone save me! Huh? Thanks goodness Alex came to save me! Alex use your big attractive muscles and get rid of all these zombies! Then we can go on a date finally. What can she do? We zombies are very strong Huh!? *monster scream We have been defeated Wow Alex you saved me! Now I’m super attracted to you. This is the part where we make out. huh!? *male monster sound Uh!? I wonder if I should use glue or tape first? Wow best slumber party ever! Be sure to watch more funny minecraft anmations with Alex and Steve and Herobrine!


  1. Hope you guys enjoy this video! UPDATE – Annoying Villagers 39 should be ready for next week unless something bad happens. I will let you know here! Thanks for the patience and support <3 You'll most likely see a speed increase for future episodes from all the updates I've been doing.

  2. Thank you for making this video it's so funny 😂👍👍👍😂💚❤️💜🖤💙💛🧡 lol herobrines scream is funny 🤣

  3. XD I like how Fat Herobrine and Steve are friends in this one, at least so far. Even though they are annoying it is refreshing seeing characters group up, and stuff.

  4. Amazing ty for the information
    And a quick question are you planning on doing any videos on to make a rig not yours but a rig in general?

  5. 📗📗📗📗📗📗📗📗
    I am creeper

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